Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The First Texas Female Superfight Champion

"I will NOT Accept Mediocrity" is a common phrase used and applied at our training facility.  Here is one really extreme example far from mediocrity.

We are extremely proud of our sponsored athletes.  Here is Fabiana's summary of her Superfight.

"When I was invited to do a Superfight at Gracie Grappling Cup on November 10th, I knew I was going to have to train hard, my opponent was heavier and taller than me.  So, I put my thoughts into action.

I started to ask help for the people that I trust and know are the best, from Gracie Barra Round Rock and Professor Jonatas Eliaquim from Gracie Barra San Antonio. 

I started to focus my strength and conditioning training to the fight increasing my PR’s, working on my work capacity and endurance for the fight, I trained 3 times a week, along with that I was training Jiu-jitsu everyday and working on my techniques and a strategy to win the fight.

On the fight day, I was really confident with all the hard training I had been doing and I believe it was the reason I was succeed on the fight. I warmed up with some good BJJ drills, and got on the mats. I pulled guard and submitted with an armbar in less then 30 seconds.

Fabi's Strength/Power Improvements

Squat 205 x 3>>>265 x 3 , 285 x 1

Bench 115 x 3>>>145 x 3, 160 x 1

Deadlift 235 x 3>>>275 x 3, 300 x 1

It feels great to have your reward from all the hard training you give on your preparation, all the things you have to give up as food, staying out late with friends. The winning feeling is great but better is the feel of know that you did, you gave your all in all the days before the fight."

Witness the combination of skill, technique and power all rolled(pun intended for you grapplers) into one moment

Keep your eyes peeled as Fabi is looking to improve her #12 international ranking at the Pan Am Championships in March.

-Breaking Records Daily