Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eat Less Food - Gain More Fat

Yup, there it is.  I said it.  I know it's hard for you to swallow, just like all of the other calories that you have been restricting.  Does that bother you? It should.  As previously mentioned in older posts, our society is all about a fast pace and taking advantage of any marketing gimmicks that will put more $$$ in our pockets.  Have you noticed that the healthier(in Mainstream Society's perspective=MSP) you eat, the more expensive the food and the smaller the portion sizes.  With such an advanced education system, the only true progress that is being made is deceptive marketing in the food and supplement industry.

Lets Flashback about 70 years...

After and in-depth study, 68 years ago, subjects were given less than 1600 calories a day.  Read the research above to see just how detrimental it was.  Not only will the body find a way to survive, but there are also multiple other physical and mental adverse effects to crash dieting, and for some of you, just a lower calorie diet according to MSP.

If we are so advanced and educated, then why would we continue to promote silly diets, as well as eat too little to even fuel our brain, internal organs, and our daily bodily functions.  The answer:  We want to look good, and according to MSP and false marketing efforts, we buy into that Bull.  As a society we want things, yet we don't want to work for them.  So, we will look for an easy way.  Unfortunately, there are individuals out there that buy into the nonsense and will promote such things for monetary gain without caring about the health and welfare of the individual.  It sounds like a rant.  I assure you that it is not.  It's very frustrating that we are so smart yet so stupid.

My life's gift is to help educate and improve the health and lifestyle of individuals with honesty and integrity.

What should you do?

1.  Eat more
Notice in the study above, that 1600 kcals wasn't enough for individuals to be healthy, mentally or physically.  Most crash and senseless diets are well below that number.  How does it feel to know that when you exceed 1200 kcals after starving below that for a period of time that the excess calories will be more easily stored as fat than before that crash diet even started.  Check out Hardwired for Fitness, by Ivy and Portman, for years of quality research to support that statement.  It is also a great read for anyone wanting to live a balanced healthy lifestyle.

Find out what is required for your body to function daily and add nutrition to support your activities.  When you are below your baseline caloric intake for long periods of time, our bodies will hang on to fat tissue and prepare for starvation.  Eating more and more often will help speed the metabolic process and your body will start trusting you enough to let go of some fat.

Example: 1800 is a good number for ladies as a base.  Just remember that is a 110-120lb lady who doesn't leave the bed all day long.

2. Eat Better
No that doesn't mean Paleo.  How long did those people live?  Did they have coffee(number #1 reason I could never claim to go Paleo)?  However, a paleo-like diet isn't too bad.  To put it in non-pretentious modern terms, eat leaner proteins, lots of fruits and vegetable, and limit the amount of condiments as well as the amount of foods that come in packages.  There is a time and place for all food.  Consult a dietitian or other nutrition professional for real in-depth eating plans.

3.  Be Active Daily
From exercising to "Simply" taking the stairs instead of the elevator when available can make a huge difference.

4.  Post Workout Nutrition is the most important meal of the day
It's true.  Breakfast is the second most, according the the world's leading research scientist in performance nutrition.  Don't waste a training session by not fueling your body properly and taking advantage of what you have just done.

5.  Steer Clear of "Easy" Dieting
Visalus, Medifast, SlimFast, Atkins, etc(there are literally thousands)

Eat real food.  While these diets will produce the instant gratification that MSP really looks for;  most of the weight is a good ole colon cleansing with lots of water weight being dropped from a restriction of carbohydrates.  If I remember correctly, 1lb of restricted carbs will drop 3 more pounds of water.  That's a four pound scale swing.  Once you put some real food back in your mouth, you're right back up there.

Train Hard, Eat Enough and Clean, and Recover Well.

With that combination, you will perform better, feel better, and Look better.

-Breaking Records Daily