Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Drink Your OWN Kool Aid

There, I said it, and I believe it.  There are millions of people in this world, and fortunately, none of us have the exact same genes, body types, or goals.  What is apparent in our American society is the increase in obesity.  On the flip side of that is the increase of businesses that are trying to "make it big" by presenting false get-fit-quick schemes, training programs, and/or supplements *cough*Visalus*cough*.  Within the competition of those fitness and supplement companies are individuals that will do anything and everything to make their competitors look bad.  Is it making the competition look bad if it's the truth?  What is the truth?

As Jack Nicholson said in a Few Good Men, "you can't handle the truth."

He was correct then, and it is the exact mentality that lots of Americans have.  I won't throw statistics in here because 53% of all statistics are made up.

53 Percent Of Statistics Are Made Up

The truth is that there are no get-fit-quick schemes, and if you are drinking the kool-aid that someone else is mixing, make sure you have done your own research on the ingredients.  Here are 5 proven truths below(of course there are more.  we can't give all the secrets away at once).

1.  For optimal results, the trifecta of proper individualized training, proper individualized nutrition, and proper individualized rest/recovery must coexist.

2. Notice the use of the word training in the place of workout or exercise.  There is a difference.  If you don't know the difference, you may need to consult with a professional who does.

3.  You go to the gym to build muscle.  Fat is burned from the metabolic processes and proper nutrition and proper recovery following your training.

4. Resistance training will always produce better metabolic results over any "cardio" activity.

5. Resistance training is the foundation for improved performance, whether it's at home playing with your children or grandchildren, at work, on the dance floor, on the field, or in the arena of choice.  I'm sure there is one area of your life that you want to make sure you perform at your best.

Now back to the kool-aid and the soap box that I'm about to get on.  After over 15 years of training experiences with a variety of goals and atmospheres, I place my core value in the correct programming and execution of the powerlifts(squat, bench press, deadlift).  Does that mean that all else is crap?  Absolutely not.  I can reach  my performance and fitness goals and help others reach their goals with this solid foundation.  All types of athletes and individuals have seen and will continue to see performance progress with our training methods.  Is this for you?  Who knows? It's up to you to find what ingredients(trainer, training styles, etc) belong in your kool-aid.   

Every Program Works, But Nothing Works Forever

Proper individual programming and  relevant programming variations will allow an individual to continue to make progress for years to come.  I will not say that someone elses program will not work, although I may have thoughts that it is longevity proof, or not optimal.  However, I just said above that everything works, but nothing works forever.  In this society, I applaud any and every individual that takes a step to improving their health.  It is our job as fitness professionals to educate and provide that lifestyle change.  Whether it's crossfit, Lifetime Fitness, golds gym, or one of the many other personal trainers in the country, there is a step in the right direction(note planet fitness will be omitted due to their policy against hard training).  We would like a more fit and less obese America. Unfortunately, it took us years to get that title of the most obese nation, and Im afraid that it may take years to challenge and remove that label.

" The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."-Lao Tzu 

Once the step is taken, then it's easy to dominate life with consistent proper training, proper nutrition, and proper recovery.

Have and promote core values.  List all of your ingredients on the label before pushing others to drink-up.

Our ingredients are consistent and practical programming with a huge dose of education, experience, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Instead of belittling other programs, we will celebrate an individuals journey to fitness, and help others mix their own koolaid. We are fortunate to be able to expand and open another location. This was made possble through clients that are committed to making a lifestyle change.  Instead of celebrating the grand opening of another fast food restaurant, we will celebrate another step towards America getting fit.  It's a great feeling driving into work and seeing 6 gym/personal training studios within 4 blocks.

"Breaking Records Daily"